5 ways to “Go Pro” in your first job

Lea MacLeod the author of New Grad. New Life. New Skills provides new employees with many great tips for starting a new job.

Every new employee is (hopefully) going to have some kind of an orientation checklist. It’s usually focused on the logistics and details of starting work in a new organization. So here are some things you may not find on that list, but are essential to you Going Pro in your first job.

They are:

1. Build a strong foundation with your manager.
2. Build relationships in the workplace.
3. Learn about the culture.
4. Date your job.
5. Document your journey.

1. Build a strong foundation with your manager.

So much of your first job excitement is about figuring out what tasks you need to complete, the people you’ll be working with and where your workspace is.

One equally important mission is to get the relationship with your manager off to a good, strong start.

Missing this step can create heartburn and stress later on, once the rosy glow of the on-boarding honeymoon has faded.

Action steps:

  • Find out your manager’s goals, and what you need to do to make him successful.
  • Set up a regular one on one time so you can get to know each other, and learn to work together.
  • Get clear on your top 3 priorities and timelines so you know what’s expected of you.

Read the next four steps here–>>

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