How to go from Very Good to Excellent

I often get asked by students, how do I earn an “excellent” on my student performance evaluation? One of the best ways to have a strong evaluation is to show initiative during your work term. How do I show initiative you ask? There are specific things that students can do to show initiative and the number one way is to do things without being told.  For a list of behaviours that show initiative see the checklist below.

Showing initiative is about going beyond simply “doing your job”. As you become experienced and more knowledgeable you will be expected to show initiative. That is, expected to take more interest in the work, become more adaptable, be able to anticipate what needs to be done and get on with it, and begin making suggestions on how to do things better.

The following checklist will help you assess how well you demonstrate initiative, as well as giving you suggestions for improvement.

Do you:

bullet Begin new tasks before you are told?
bullet Look for work to fill any spare time?
bullet Make yourself available for extra work or overtime?
bullet Keep communication with superiors open?
bullet Make suggestions?
bullet Try to correct mistakes or problems?
bullet Work without supervision?
bullet Take on extra tasks such as helping with staff or charity events?
bullet Volunteer for committee work?


Demonstrate a commitment to life-long learning?



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