A student’s experience with finding a job outside of Jobmine

Suhaib Bhatti is an Architecture student at the University of Waterloo who did secure a co-op position in the main round and decided to go outside of Jobmine to find a co-op position.  Here is his story…

In response to how I got this coop placement, basically I got a long list of Dutch firms online and went through each of their websites to see if it was something that interested me. I then emailed them all with links to my portfolio and website, and wrote a personal cover letter to each firm explaining any relevant experience/skills/achievements as well as what interests me about an internship opportunity with them. POSAD then replied via email, asking for a Skype interview, during which we discussed the details of how to go about doing the internship because they had never hired an international student before. We discussed Visa stuff, the dates, what the work will be like, etc. During the interview, my interviewer did say that the cover letter was something that stood out and that he really liked my portfolio. In terms of strategies, I would say to definitely have and show an interest in where you’re applying and to write a strong cover letter that shows that.

This definitely confirms the need to target companies and not job postings. I encourage all my students to develop a weekly list of companies that they want to work with and then start from there.


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