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Helping students build their online presence and brand

June 3, 2014

Jasmine Koblik, a fellow Student Advisor, recently attended the TalentEgg Conference & Awards ceremony in Toronto and shared the following trend that is taking place in the area of recruitment which impacts coop students and graduates.

  • 93% of employers are now more likely than ever before to check students social profiles during pre-interview screening. The industry is calling this “social screening” and students need to know that it’s going to happen. Companies now want to see a greater positive web presence to learn about who their applicants are and what’s important to them. It’s not only a way to showcase their brand, but also a way to gain a competitive edge in the competitive job market.
  • The concept doing your “digital laundry” was introduced as a way to help teach students to “keep it clean” on the web but also to monitor their presence in the online space to make sure it’s a positive one.  How to bury one’s “digital dirt” was a sub topic of this chat meaning if someone has more of a negative than positive online presence, how can it be buried? This is a more challenging task but it can be done by adding more positives to try to reverse that damage. It will not replace the dirt already in existence but it will hopefully make it harder to find.
  • Depending on the jobs being applied for, employers are starting to ask for the number of Twitter followers candidates have as well as their KLOUT scores (social impact scores) to measure social influence online.
  • Students are encouraged to build their online presence by creating a  page website for free to showcase them and their brand which can easily be linked to their resume/LinkedIn account, etc.   Example: or  LinkedIn is another good way to build their professional brand online

Tips for Staying Motivated During Your Job Search – Part 3

May 21, 2014

Help Others

Helping others through volunteering can improve your self-esteem, enhance your networking efforts and will help you stay motivated in your job search. It can also serve as a welcomed break from your job search.

Tips for Staying Motivated During Your Job Search – Part 2

May 13, 2014

Get Out From Behind Your Computer

Instead of the daily scanning of online job boards for job postings I want you to step away from your computer this week.  Online job boards are only one source of potential opportunities and they can become a false sense of hope. I recommend spending less than 20% of your time responding to job boards or website postings.  I recommend talking to other people and making cold calls to companies and asking for informational interviews from other professionals. It means developing new contacts and networks of professionals. It means taking someone to lunch or connecting with a professional association. Join a job club to increase your professional network and gain from the experience of others. Other job searchers can provide you with honest feedback and often leads.


Tips for Staying Motivated During Your Job Seach – Part 1

April 30, 2014

Set and Attain Minimum Daily Standards

When you set and achieve minimum standards, you will feel a daily sense of achievement. This consistency of activity will also improve the results you achieve, throughout your job search. Minimum daily standards should include the following activities:

  • Adding to your professional network
  • Sending out resumes
  • Directly marketing yourself to targeted employers
  • Follow up telephone calls
  • ResearchgoalsSource: National Recruiting Consultants


A student’s experience with finding a job outside of Jobmine

May 15, 2013

Suhaib Bhatti is an Architecture student at the University of Waterloo who did secure a co-op position in the main round and decided to go outside of Jobmine to find a co-op position.  Here is his story…

In response to how I got this coop placement, basically I got a long list of Dutch firms online and went through each of their websites to see if it was something that interested me. I then emailed them all with links to my portfolio and website, and wrote a personal cover letter to each firm explaining any relevant experience/skills/achievements as well as what interests me about an internship opportunity with them. POSAD then replied via email, asking for a Skype interview, during which we discussed the details of how to go about doing the internship because they had never hired an international student before. We discussed Visa stuff, the dates, what the work will be like, etc. During the interview, my interviewer did say that the cover letter was something that stood out and that he really liked my portfolio. In terms of strategies, I would say to definitely have and show an interest in where you’re applying and to write a strong cover letter that shows that.

This definitely confirms the need to target companies and not job postings. I encourage all my students to develop a weekly list of companies that they want to work with and then start from there.

How Recent Grads Can Break into Their Industry

January 15, 2013

The global financial meltdown of the last five years wiped out many businesses of all sizes. Although Canada was not hit as hard as the U.S and some EU countries, thousands of formerly employed people became jobless and an equal number of new college graduates never landed the job they would have got with ease before the recession. While the economy is on the path to recovery and the job market is starting to improve, some jobs for recent grads are still scarce.  Follow this link to read the entire article from

If you are seeking employment in spring 2013, and would like to experience IBM’s elite student program offered only in the summer read on for further details

January 4, 2013

If you are seeking employment in spring 2013, and would like to experience IBM’s elite student program offered only in the summer, check out the above posting.  There are 18 openings offered to university students across Canada.   Please note the following comments from the employer:

Deadline for applications is January 27th.

Phone interviews are already taking place as resumes are accepted. The turn-around time from reviewing resumes to phone interviews is pretty fast (less than 1 week). After phone screening interviews, applicants are interviewed by project managers (less than 1 week). Verbal offers will be given between February 11 and 22. Students have 48 hours to decide. We hope to have all of our interns selected and assigned to projects by February 22nd.

The reason for such a speedy recruitment period is that this program is elite including features:

–        High profile projects that students work on

–        Access to top consultants for professional development

–        Trip to IBM HQ to present to the CEO and other executives

–        Top pay etc.

This is a very competitive program and we are interested in hiring students after their internship.

Job Description

Apply direct:

For more information:
The Extreme Blue program is IBM’s premier internship program for top-notch students pursuing software development and MBA degrees. Once selected into the program, you will become part of a team working in one of the 15 Extreme Blue labs worldwide. Your team’s challenge is to develop the technology and business plan for a new product or service that addresses an existing market challenge. Through the program, interns have submitted more than 400 patent disclosures and have made more than sixty open source contributions to the open source community. They helped create solutions for key clients and bring-to-market the next generation of IBM products. Not bad for just 12 weeks of work. Unlike other intern programs that may relegate you to work on outdated technology, the Extreme Blue teams work on leading technology that helps grow your skills and evolve you into a more attractive candidate in the technology field. Interns in this high-perform! ance environment get to roll up their sleeves and work with “hot” technologies such as Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, and petabyte-scale data analysis.

Career Development and Training
1 week paid trip to New York (North American Expo) to present project to CEO and other executives at the IBM HQ in Armonk.
1 week paid camping trip to Algonquin park
One-on-one and team training with a presentation and team building guru
Access to mentor-ship
Interns are typically hired after internship if there is a good person-job-fit

Transportation and Housing
Lump sum bonus paid on second paycheck for relocation.

Other Job Details
Best summer of your life.

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