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April 30, 2014


Cannot Use “Engineer” in Job Title

March 28, 2013

According to the Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), until you become licensed, “it is against the law in Canada for students to use the title “engineer” (or any title like it). The term “Engineer” is ONLY permitted by licensed professional engineers. The terms “Engineering Intern” or EIT” are also restricted only to individuals in the Engineering Intern (EIT) Program. Unregistered/unlicensed individuals using these job descriptions on business cards, resumes (and Work History attached to resumes) are in violation of the Professional Engineers Act and subject to prosecution.

The recommendation is that “Engineering Student” be used whenever possible. Other examples of revised job titles where the word “Engineer” has been replace include:

  • Project Engineer changed to Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Project Analyst, Project Leader
  • Software Engineer changed to Software Developer, Software Designer
  • Junior Engineer changed to Engineering Trainee or Junior Designer
  • Consider using the department name, e.g. Metallurgical Process Engineer changes to Metallurgical Process Engineering
  • “Engineering Specialist”, “Engineering Professional” and “Engineering Consultant” are not acceptable
  • Titles such as “Junior Engineer”, “Graduate Engineer” or “Assistant Engineer” are not acceptable

Please review your resume and Work History on Jobmine and change any job titles to ensure they meed these ethical guidelines.

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