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Tips for Staying Motivated During Your Job Search – Part 3

May 21, 2014

Help Others

Helping others through volunteering can improve your self-esteem, enhance your networking efforts and will help you stay motivated in your job search. It can also serve as a welcomed break from your job search.


Tips for Staying Motivated During Your Job Search – Part 2

May 13, 2014

Get Out From Behind Your Computer

Instead of the daily scanning of online job boards for job postings I want you to step away from your computer this week.  Online job boards are only one source of potential opportunities and they can become a false sense of hope. I recommend spending less than 20% of your time responding to job boards or website postings.  I recommend talking to other people and making cold calls to companies and asking for informational interviews from other professionals. It means developing new contacts and networks of professionals. It means taking someone to lunch or connecting with a professional association. Join a job club to increase your professional network and gain from the experience of others. Other job searchers can provide you with honest feedback and often leads.


How Recent Grads Can Break into Their Industry

January 15, 2013

The global financial meltdown of the last five years wiped out many businesses of all sizes. Although Canada was not hit as hard as the U.S and some EU countries, thousands of formerly employed people became jobless and an equal number of new college graduates never landed the job they would have got with ease before the recession. While the economy is on the path to recovery and the job market is starting to improve, some jobs for recent grads are still scarce.  Follow this link to read the entire article from

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