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How to Earn an “Outstanding”

February 20, 2014

Have you ever wondered what you need to do, as a co-op student, to earn an “outstanding” on your student performance evaluation?  This is a common question that is discussed between students and their Student Advisor. I had a meeting with a manager this week and he tells his students right upfront what they need to do if they want to earn an outstanding”. For this manager, a student has to do something above and beyond their regular job description. This means suggesting some type of improvement or change and the student also needs to be involved in executing the change/improvement. When speaking with students, I suggest that they ask their manager “What do I have to do during my work term to earn an “Outstanding”?  It’s that simple.

Do you have an idea for making things better in your work place? Have you identified a way to make a process more efficient?  Can you see a way to save time or money for your employer?  Anyone of these has potential to lead to an “outstanding” performance evaluation.


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